Creative ZiiO 7” Tablet Review – X-Fi and HDMI Technology Feature Within Entertainment Tablet

The tablet phenomenon has certainly taken off in 2010 and as we begin 2011 it sees no signs of losing any of its momentum. Creative have entered this promising new market with their own offerings, yet with a slightly different angle that plays to their own strengths – that is of course entertainment.

This is an ‘entertainment’ tablet that is designed to play your music and videos, view your photos and even link to your humongous television for the best presentation possible. The Creative ZiiO features a HDMI output, so if the 7” TFT screen isn’t enough to satisfy your media yearnings, a stonkingly huge widescreen television can instead take its place.


Creative ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers Review – Perfect for Music Playback

As much as I love my Apple iPhone 3GS, there is a lot of media resting in the devices storage that is simply yearning to be released to an audience. I have already reviewed a set of great earphones by Creative Labs, which are just wonderful for when you require a solitary music experience, but there is still the matter of sharing the entertainment within a room with your family and friends or for when you wish to dance around a bit to the melodic rhythms (don’t worry I won’t tell anyone if you don’t!).

The Creative ZiiSound D5 Bluetooth Wireless Speakers may have the answer, but not just for my iPhone, but other Bluetooth audio compatible hardware and anything else with a headphone socket. So that pretty much covers everything!