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5 Features You Will Love About Windows 8.1 Update 1 with a Keyboard and Mouse

Windows 8.1 Update 1
In April of this year, Microsoft will release an update to Windows 8.1 (remember Windows 8.1 was a free update to Windows 8!) with a number of minor yet incredibly useful features that will improve your experience of the operating system when using a mouse and keyboard.

Windows 8 has been criticised by many users for ignoring traditional computers and going ‘all in’ with touchscreen interactions. Although I don’t agree with this viewpoint, I can certainly see the need for improvement.


Podcast #37 – Humax, Freeview & Freesat – Humax Discuss TV Technologies

Joining me today over Skype, Graham North – Commercial Director from Humax UK details the different television technologies, the services available and looking ahead to the future of TV and content delivery.


New to the iPhone Platform? – 5 Essential Apps for the Apple iPhone

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa is no doubt delivering a number of Apple iPhones this year to individuals all over the world. The App Store is absolutely jam packed with software, so here are five apps I would recommend you install on your new device without delay.


Podcast #33 – Lost Kidz App for iPhone – Help Locate / Report A Missing Child

In my latest podcast, I interview Stephen Fern who is behind the Lost Kidz app that has just been released for the Apple iPhone.

I am sure it is a nightmare for any parent who is distracted for just one single moment, only to realise that their child is no longer by their side. Stephen explains how his app has great potential by utilising a vast community of local app users to aid in the search of locating a missing child.


App Creation #47 – App Design – Introduction

There are a number of ways to tackle this vast expanse of promise. Applications can be so incredibly basic, yet still radiate with purpose.

This chapter will reveal various functionalities and aspects that have become popular due to specific elements that could be tied in to your own concepts.

There are by now applications for almost anything you can conjure up in your own imagination, so chances are you will be competing with someone else whether you like it or not.