App Creation #54 – App Design – User Interface

Windows 8 Start Screen
Each operating system will have its own distinct look and feel. Graphics and navigational methods will vary between competing formats and your challenge is to replicate this experience throughout your own app wherever possible.

Think Simple

People who use app capable devices are not always your typical technological stereo-type. The portrayal of nerds and geeks have been associated with technology enthusiasts for many years. More recently with the widespread appeal of gadgetry, talking about the world of transistors, capacitors and diodes can even be classed as ‘cool’ by the very same people who a decade ago would have scoffed at the thought.


App Creation #53 – App Design – Function

App_illo5_HardwareWhen creating your very first app, there is no need to go in all guns blazing. Concentrate on one function and refine the software until you are totally satisfied with the result.

You will also need to carefully consider what impact the functionality may have on the device.

Battery Preservation

App capable devices offer various features that your software can take advantage of. Although this sounds a superb way of adding extra depth to your creation, it does however take a toll on battery performance if you are tapping into these frequently.


App Creation #52 – App Design – Creation

Gadgets and gizmos capable of utilising apps include hardware and software features that programmers can take advantage of. Allowing access to hundreds of areas including contacts, photos, videos, storage and much more besides.

Software Development Kit

Software Development Kit also known as an SDK is a set of development tools that are used to create an app. They include debugging modes that can diagnose any errors with your created software and present previews of how the apps design, functionality and animations will behave on the actual hardware.


App Creation #51 – App Design – Productivity

Business applications are rich with features and functionality that minimise time loss and maximise efficiencies. Creating an app in this area is full of financial rewards when time and consideration is taken.

The Business App

Businesses latch on to hardware and software if they make sense for their employees. If money can be saved, the take up can potentially be huge. The brilliance of apps is that they reach roaming individuals through mobile phones, tablets and other portable devices.


App Creation #50 – App Design – Planning

The more eager of us are already leaning to reach for the development tools, beginning work almost immediately before a plan has been fully realised.

Resist this temptation and instead address the following…

Know your Audience