ScummVM The Movie! – 12th Anniversary Celebration

ScummVM The Movie!
If you are a fan of point and click adventure games, you will have no doubt heard of the wonderful ScummVM software, that allows you to experience and relive this classic gaming genre on modern hardware. Playable on a wide range of computers, consoles and portable devices – ScummVM continues to improve its software and add new titles to its already impressive list of compatible games – ensuring that this gaming genre continues to be enjoyed.


Talking Bird Recommends James Woodcock’s Blog – iPhone Comedy Shenanigans

The things I do for research purposes! Well anyway, today came across one of these wacky and completely insane apps available on the Apple iPhone and decided to experiment. Below is the result of this strange fascination that individuals (including myself) have with the darn right bizarre.

Talking Larry the Bird is an app that allows you to record an interaction with this strange creature perched innocently on a branch. Unfortunately for poor Larry, you have a few methods of causing harm as well as having him repeat whatever you say in a squeaky pitched voice. This can then be uploaded to YouTube as I have done so here or emailed to your account.


FlashDen – Extremely High Quality and Competitively Priced Flash Animations

Flash DenI was on a bit of a crusade these last few days and one that took far longer than I had hoped. Flash animations available online can be spectacular, full of interest or completely basic to the core lacking any imagination, however finally I came across this great website featuring some of the best and exactly what I was looking for.

FlashDen features flash, audio, video and even fonts for enhancing your creative juices. It is the flash section though that has really caught my eye. There are many flavours available including XML news and article banners (tickers), MP3 players, interactive image and photo galleries, portfolio viewers, clocks, preloaders, menus and even flash based shops.


Transformers Fan 3D Animation

My interest in Transformers is returning with increasing excitement as I now have the Transformers remastered 80’s movie released at the end of this year and of course the new real life action movie next year as well to look forward to.

Simon Pell has sent me a link to this 3D animation that someone has created, which is meant to immitate Optimus Prime in stunning realism and I must say it looks very impressive:

There is certainly a lot of talent in the Internet community that wish to spend time and share their interests online with the rest of us around the world.

On a side note did you know that the web is 15 years old as of today?


Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter 2 Flash Animation

If you ever loved Mortal Kombat and/or Street Fighter 2, you will enjoy this extensive flash animation. It is not playable as a game, but it is a really interesting, well thought out execution with flash animation.

Street Fighter 2 Vs Mortal Kombat

Watch as the characters interact and be astonished when they fight convincingly with each other from different games.

Thanks to Simon Pell for this information.

Link: Mortal Kombat Vs Street Fighter 2 Flash Animation