App Creation #17 – App Inspiration – 8Bitone+ Micro Composer

For someone like me who has been a gamer right back when the height of gaming sophistication meant you owned a virtual ping pong machine, game cartridges, a selection of terribly slow-loading cassette tapes and joysticks featuring just a single button – retro music from the early 8-bit days are a required nostalgic trip.

8Bitone+ delves right into this history by giving us access to an 8bit style synthesizer and a 4 channel sequencer.

Sound Success

The 8bit sound isn’t to everyone’s taste, maybe just for those who experienced the basic yet captivating bleeps and blops that represented music during the 2D gaming success story. 8Bitone+ delivers a set of sounds that can be further tweaked and tuned to create a tone that is completely different from the original with wobbles, rapid speed and fading elements.