Halo 4 Multiplayer – Big Team Infinity Slayer – Vehicle Mayhem [VIDEO]

Halo 4 Multiplayer
To say I have been enjoying Halo 4 would be a bit of an unfair understatement. Although it has been a number of years since gamers have been able to enjoy the full ‘Master Chief’ experience in a new Halo title, even though it is no longer developed by Bungie and even though many of us had our reservations – Halo 4 has actually turned out to be one classy romp.


Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Review for Xbox 360 [VIDEO REVIEW]

Now is the time to strap yourself tightly into a chair, preparing for adrenaline pumping action as we take on a wonderful new experience – recognising how this racing sequel has indeed… TRANSFORMED!


Roku LT Review – Small, Light, Silent & Affordable Streaming Internet Box

It seems almost unimaginable nowadays to spot a television without some kind of additional box below it, providing additional functionality and possibly even connecting to the Internet. It may be a game console, a digital satellite decoder, cable device or in this case a ‘streaming’ box.

The function is simple, yet you soon become hooked on the principle and miss the added features as soon as you attempt life without one.


Sonic Generations Review for Xbox 360 – HD Video Review Included [VIDEO]

In 1991, Sonic the Hedgehog released on SEGA’s 16-bit console with much fanfare and for very good reason. It was fast, slick and so ridiculously enjoyable featuring memorable music, beautiful level design while also presenting the world with the stark reality the then hardware was fully capable of. There is no doubt Sonic the Hedgehog enjoyed quite a few years of success in this era, but over the last two decades the frequency of average to absolutely terrible releases have damaged the reputation of the franchise immensely.


Sonic Generations Gameplay on the Xbox 360 – Fast, Slick and Immensely Enjoyable [VIDEO]

Even since the first Sonic the Hedgehog was released twenty years ago, countless sequels and titles featuring Sonic and his friends have made an appearance on various platforms. More often than not, SEGA have failed quite miserably to reignite the same sensations we all felt playing the original Sonic the Hedgehog games, however this has all changed with Sonic Generations.

Sonic Generations celebrates Sonic’s 20th anniversary in style, so what better way to share this Sonic rebirth than to record a gameplay video for you all from the Xbox 360 version to share some of the fantastic splendours this title now boasts.