I am sorry to say that I never captured images of the website when it was live, so I had to use the web archive website to recover the design, so a few minor glitches, but you get the idea.

Very first design:

First big update:

Final update (Evolution)







Onyx 4 (Never Completed)

Here is something very special, this was going to be the basic structure of Onyx4, the next version and upgrade to our custom bulit content system. I designed the layout and content quite differently from the original Onyx design to present and fit the information in a much nicer way. The logo was just a beta at this point and was going to be redesigned, however after completing the early templates, I then decided to close the site down so they never were used. This test had no php or MySQL code, it was purely as a design concept.

You can click the image to see a full size version…

  • Oli Lucas

    Heh, I remember the good ol’ XBR days.. and all my recycle bin posts.. lol

  • Oh yes those were the days ;) You being my number 1 cheat poster :d

  • Ali Owen

    Ah tables and DHTML, how elegant ;)

  • Ah yes, the good old days. XBR was how I met over half my friends list I reckon.

  • Was always hoping you’d release Onyx to the world as well. :)