ScummVM 1.8.0 Released – 10 New Games Supported Including Broken Sword 2.5

An update to point and click adventure software ScummVM has been released, which includes a further 10 games to its already vast list of popular titles.


The Perils of Cloud Storage and the Comfort of using a NAS

It is hard not to be seduced by the latest file storage craze. Cloud storage includes offerings from Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive, DropBox among many others that promise reliable access to all of your documents, music, photos and even videos using a computer, tablet or even a smartphone.

I personally use a few cloud storage solutions… OneDrive became my favourite due to the promised ‘OneDrive Unlimited Storage‘ I received for subscribing to Office 365. I have however been burned by cloud storage recently as with over 1TB of my files sitting on OneDrive for easy access, Microsoft decided that actually ‘unlimited’ storage was impractical to offer, reducing ‘unlimited’ to just 1TB. 1TB is of course a hefty amount of storage space, however having already exceeded this new maximum allocation, it has left me rethinking my overall storage strategy.

It is this unpredictability of cloud storage solutions that leave me a little cold. We are at the mercy of the providers, who can change their terms and conditions as they see fit. So although I will continue to use them, I am certainly now relying more on a much older technology… this is of course NAS (Network-Attached Storage).


Revolution’s 25th Anniversary Box Set – My Enhanced Music Featured

Revolution's 25th Anniversary Box-set

It is hard to imagine a company lasting 25 years, especially one focusing on games, however that is exactly the length of time Revolution Software have been delighting us with their fantastic selection of titles over the last quarter of a century.

To celebrate, in March they are releasing a vast box set with all of their released games and a number of interviews and assets for good measure. This box set also features an addition which has surprised me greatly. They have also included a selection of the enhanced music tracks from Beneath A Steel Sky I created as part of my ScummVM Music Enhancement Project. ‘Flattered’ is certainly the word!


Windows 10 Hands On – The Start Menu is Back, Start Screen Evolves

Windows 10 Start Menu
Windows 8 and its free update Windows 8.1 certainly upset a lot of traditional Windows fans. Aiming for the tablet world when the iPad was becoming a dominant force to be reckoned with, the Windows team made drastic changes to Windows 7 to adapt to this new world of touchscreen interactivity. In doing so, Microsoft instead alienated a lot of its users with some pretty bizarre design changes that released to the world as Windows 8.

I for one accepted Windows 8 into my life with little resistance and actually liked much of the new ‘desktop’ additions, but even I as a techie could see that there was a growing number of individuals who just couldn’t or indeed wouldn’t adapt to the changes.

Windows 10 will be released by the end of 2015 for free to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users (if you upgrade within the first year) and with this new operating system – a much more refined approach to what a modern computer interface should be.


My ScummVM Music Enhancement Project & ScummVM feature in Article

My attempts to recreate classic point and click adventure game soundtracks on modern hardware and have them playable within the actual games through ScummVM known as the ‘ScummVM Music Enhancement Project‘ has featured in one of’s articles by Erik-André Vik Mamen recently.