App Creation #55 – App Design – Location & Environment

James Woodcock iPad Camera
Understanding the location and environment your app will be utilised in is extremely important when considering functionality.


App Creation #54 – App Design – User Interface

Windows 8 Start Screen
Each operating system will have its own distinct look and feel. Graphics and navigational methods will vary between competing formats and your challenge is to replicate this experience throughout your own app wherever possible.

Think Simple

People who use app capable devices are not always your typical technological stereo-type. The portrayal of nerds and geeks have been associated with technology enthusiasts for many years. More recently with the widespread appeal of gadgetry, talking about the world of transistors, capacitors and diodes can even be classed as ‘cool’ by the very same people who a decade ago would have scoffed at the thought.


James Woodcock’s Podcast Covering Gaming & Technology Now Available on Roku Devices

James_RokuFor the last eight years, I have created various audio and video podcasts covering a range of topics – more recently focusing on gaming & technology.

I am pleased to inform you that those who own Roku devices (such as the Roku LT I reviewed) can now install my new channel ‘James Woodcock’s Podcast‘ onto their televisions, to stream the latest audio and video presentations.


New to the iPhone Platform? – 5 Essential Apps for the Apple iPhone

Christmas is just around the corner and Santa is no doubt delivering a number of Apple iPhones this year to individuals all over the world. The App Store is absolutely jam packed with software, so here are five apps I would recommend you install on your new device without delay.


Roku LT Review – Small, Light, Silent & Affordable Streaming Internet Box

It seems almost unimaginable nowadays to spot a television without some kind of additional box below it, providing additional functionality and possibly even connecting to the Internet. It may be a game console, a digital satellite decoder, cable device or in this case a ‘streaming’ box.

The function is simple, yet you soon become hooked on the principle and miss the added features as soon as you attempt life without one.