YPKO Podcast #10 – New Yamaha Instruments October 2009 with James Sargeant

The Yamaha UK Product and Promotions Manager James Sargeant has joined me in the latest Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner audio show to discuss the latest instruments announced including the PSR-S710, PSR-S910 and the Clavinova CVP-500 Series. We discuss the impressive sounds, vast array of styles, the latest technology and of course there are audio demonstrations included as well during the interview.


YPKO Podcast #9 – Peter Baartmans Interview, Tony Ross CD and New IDC Styles

In the latest YPKO Podcast, Peter Baartmans joins me to talk about his role as a worldwide demonstrator for Yamaha keyboards and digital pianos.

Peter is well known on the Yamaha circuit due to his many events and presentations that have been featured on the Internet through the official Yamaha website and of course the avid fans that follows his talent.


YPKO Podcast #8 – Yamaha Regi-Stick Plus Interview

In our latest podcast (audio show), I interview James Sargeant, who is the Product Specialist from Yamaha UK. Discussing primarily the new Regi-Stick Plus, James talks us through the features of this latest software offering from Yamaha.

The new Regi-Stick is designed for the Yamaha Tyros 2 allowing owners to expand their keyboard even further.


YPKO Podcast #7 – PSR-S900 and CVP-400 Series Demos

The Yamaha UK Marketing Manager of the Electronic Keyboard Division, joins me on the phone to discuss primarily the new Yamaha Clavinova CVP-400 digital piano range, PSR-S series keyboards and the Modus H01.

This podcast also features sound demonstrations from the PSR-S900 and Clavinova CVP-405!


YPKO Podcast #6 – MusicPad Pro Interview with Bernard Perry

MusicPad ProIn June 2007, I interviewed Bernard Perry where he announces the new way of storing your sheet music digitally, which makes it far simpler locating your favourite pieces you like to perform. This may be used for any instrument, but as I also run a Yamaha keyboard and digital piano enthusiast website with nearly 7500 members, we concentrated on this aspect.

I have released this podcast here just to demonstrate my other interests as much as anything else. It is a very different style to most of my gaming podcasts, however I love variety! The podcast also explains my Yamaha website.

This edition features: