Merry Christmas Everyone – A Video Treat from James Woodcock

It wouldn’t be Christmas without a little humour among all the festivities, so I hope you enjoy this little video featuring myself (James Woodcock) singing you a wonderful Merry Christmas.

Wishing you all a fantastic New Year and I hope you will join me in 2010 for more reviews, articles and interviews. If you want to have a go yourself in creating your own elf Christmas video, make sure you visit the Elf Yourself website.

James Woodcock
Freelance Journalist


My Dog Singing – My Canine Chum ‘Max A Million’ Entertains on Camera

Max WoodcockWhen he wasn’t sleeping, eating or pooping, my Canine friend Max was always keen to entertain us with his remarkable singing voice. All we needed were tuning pipes, a set of lungs and Max himself to realise a star was born.

Unfortunately Max is no longer with us now and is currently enjoying the bounty of unlimited walks, heavenly coated lamp posts and female frolics up there somewhere in the clouds above, but I will still remember the great times we had.


VRX Mach 4 – Gaming Racing Setups Have Just Become Crazier!

VRX Mach 4You have to stop a moment sometimes and respect the efforts and dreams of certain companies and individuals in business, when they come up with a touch of inspiration and complete utter madness.

Well actually, when I say madness, really I mean… No madness is actually where I will stay, but even madness can be beautiful, compelling and involve a little bit of a mystery…

For years, racing wheels for console and PC gaming have been an extreme measure in enhancing your entertainment as you speed around bend after bend and finally you have some bragging rights. Yes I have a proper steering wheel and yes it has force feedback. w00t! Don’t look now though as all you braggers have been put into touch with the VRX Mach 4 Racing System


From the ‘Bottom’ of their Heart – Musical Themed Toilet Roll

Musical Themed Toilet RollHave you heard of secret Santa? Well if not, let me just fill you in. Imagine it is Christmas and for a bit of fun, you agree with a selection of people to set a cap on the amount you can spend (usually quite low) and you only know who you are buying for and not who is purchasing for you!

Imagine my surprise when I opened the Christmas wrapping paper only to find a different kind of paper inside. Yes… it was musical note printed toilet paper for use on the throne. Believe me I have joked with my family with the usual puns… Was it in a BOGOF sale (Buy One Get One Free), must be a ‘bum’ note etc.

Why am I sharing this with you I hear? Well come on, I am on a roll!


Nintendo Wii Sensors – Clever People Designing Clever Things

wiisensor.jpgJohnny Chung Lee has tampered with the Nintendo Wii sensors to create something that can only be described as straight out of the Minority Report movie.

With his fingers, he can now manipulate what is happening on screen including zooming areas in and out just like we viewed in the Hollywood film: