My Marriage to Natalie Mentioned in the Yamaha Club Magazine

Usually when I am mentioned in a magazine, it is covering an article I have written or a video I produced. Recently however, Glyn Madden, Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine and also a guest at my wedding has kindly notified his members and posted a couple of photos within his latest publication.

James Woodcock Married 2015He writes:

On 4th July, as Americans celebrated Independence, our good friend and one-time Yamaha Club colleague James Woodcock firmly tied the knot with his long time girlfriend Natalie Blake. The couple looked blissfully happy in the summer sunshine as they posed for photographs before the reception in the beautiful grounds of Manor Hill House.

I’m afraid the couple of snaps I took with my camera/phone won’t do justice to the forthcoming professional photographs – but as we were at our publishing deadline I’ve included them here because I’m sure many of our readers will want to join me in sending James and Natalie our very best wishes for a long and happy life together.

Both myself and Natalie love the mention so thank you Glyn, it was lovely to have you there…

Credit: Banner photo at the top of this article by David Wadley.

James Woodcock

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