Game & Gadget Podcast #2 – E3, Windows 8.1 and WWDC – Debate with Special Guests

Game and Gadget Podcast #2
In my second episode of the ‘Game & Gadget Podcast’ dedicated to gaming and technology, we discuss the recent E3 announcements from Microsoft, Sony & Nintendo, Windows 8.1 and Apple’s WWDC event.

Guests include Matt Baxter-Reynolds a mobile software development consultant and technology sociologist based in the UK who blogs for ZDNet and Chris Brandrick a freelance technology writer at Techhive and a blogger for Gigaom.

Please note that due to a technical problem, my side of the recording is not up to the usual high standard I would expect – however, the debate was so interesting and with quite a bit of audio editing on my part, I decided to release regardless so you can all enjoy the discussions.


We hope you enjoy the podcast.