eJay is Back! Simple Music Creation Software for iOS & Android on Kickstarter

Many years ago, there was a piece of software for the PC called Dance eJay. I absolutely adored this music creation software that included various loops of drums, synths, bass and other instruments that could be easily placed together to form a piece of music.

Now after a long wait, eJay is back however this time possibly appearing on iOS and Android mobile platforms if a Kickstarter campaign to raise £150,000 by Thursday Apr 25, 8:31am BST is successful.

According to the Kickstarter page, eJay Pure has been in development for 9 months and will be the first eJay product to be completely free and to appear on mobile devices.

eJay Pure is the first multi-genre eJay product developed especially for iOS and Android users. It will incorporate professional and up to date music samples, mixed with simplified music creation functionality.
eJay Pure Kickstarter


  • The first multi-genre eJay product including rock, dubstep and all things electronic!
  • The first eJay product to go mobile and completely free to use
  • Designed especially for touch screens
  • Largest catalogue of samples available – over 100,000
  • Multi-track arranger with integrated Mixer
  • Import your own samples and export your mix
  • Intelligent sample organiser and previewer
  • Completely social network integrated from the ground up
  • All creations are royalty free

Below you can listen to and download for free a full track I created on Dance eJay 2 for the PC many years ago…