Simulation – Pushing Technology, Expanding Boundaries – Simulator World Magazine

The latest edition of the free Simulator World magazine has been released, with an article I created ‘Simulation – Pushing Technology, Expanding Boundaries’ contained within:

Even at the tender age of five, I oh so wanted to drive the car. Of course, this wasn’t possible and certainly not legal – so my parents purchased a device that stuck on to the side window and would give me at least a sense of what driving was all about without the risks.

Imagine if you will my father carefully driving through the beautiful English countryside in a Ford Cortina and a much younger James sat with his plastic steering wheel and squeaky horn, feeling that he had control over this impressive mechanical machine.

Well OK, I didn’t have any impact whatsoever to the actual journey – however I enjoyed every minute of it and for the first time I mimicked the operation of something that was currently out of reach. This turned out to be my first experience of ‘simulation’ and although technology has the wonderful ability of immersing us in all manner of challenging scenarios and fabulous locations, really it isn’t much different from my plastic steering wheel and not forgetting squeaky horn.

To view the full magazine and my article, click the link below:
> Simulator World Magazine – Issue #2