Monster Cast #17 – Where Can We Find Sailors? – [VIDEO] [PODCAST]

Today we recorded Monster Cast #17, produced for the Console Monster website – covering news from all of the major players including Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo.

Featuring special guest Steve Lycett, Executive Producer from SUMO Digital to discuss his experiences developing for the Nintendo Wii U and their upcoming title Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed.

Also joining me in this latest video podcast is Marty Greenwell, David Wriglesworth and Anthony Barker.

Steve Lycett – Executive Producer at SUMO Digital

Monster Cast is an un-scripted casual podcast, where Console Monster staff members come together and discuss the latest news in gaming over the past few weeks.

Using Google+ HangOut! we stream Live as we discuss the past month in gaming.

Topics include:

  • What we have been playing… (Halo 4, Forza Horizon, [RETRO: Lemmings 3D, Silver, Chaos Battle of the Wizards, RISC OS Rasberry Pi] etc)
  • Marty Retro Demo (Amiga CD32)
  • Nintendo Wii U out soon…
  • Sonic & SEGA All Stars Racing Transformed Nintendo Wii U development experience courtesy of Steve Lycett
  • Xbox SmartGlass on iOS, Android, Windows 8 experiences
  • Peter Molyneux’s skeptical regarding Tablet & Television combined gaming
  • Windows 8 gaming impressions & experiences
  • Square Enix Merger a failure?
  • Elite Remake (Elite Dangerous)


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