Solid State Drives Versus Traditional Hard Disk Drives Guide – Xtreme Tech Blog UK

My latest guide for the Xtreme Tech Blog UK website has just gone live, this time covering the benefits of Solid State Drives (SSD) over traditional hard drives:

Traditional hard drives have been around for many years now and have become an essential part of our computing world. Offering huge amounts of storage at very affordable prices, it remains an extremely attractive proposition for those who want to save thousands of images, collections of music, home movies and video games. There is a newer technology though that is fast becoming a more popular choice with enthusiasts and while the prices are considerably higher than traditional offerings, the future remains bright as prices reduce and speeds increase.

Introducing the SSD, otherwise known as a Solid State Drive…

Link: Beginners Guide to Computers #2 – Solid State Drives Versus Traditional Hard Disk Drives