Creating Your Own Cartoon or Comic Strip – Perfect for when Lacking Artistry Skills

Steve Ince, a friend of mine I follow on Twitter is a dab hand at creating comic and cartoon strips with a particular dose of enjoyable humour and as much as I would like to dabble in this area, my abilities to draw are quite limited. So imagine how pleased I was to find a website called ToonDoo that allows you to easily create your own comical toon-like strips to share with others for those like me who are lacking in artistry.

Here is my first attempt below after just ten minutes learning and then using the available tools on offer:

Click image above for the full version… Original available at ToonDoo

OK… So I doubt I will be winning any awards – although at no cost, you are able to create your own characters or select from a collection already carefully crafted, including various backdrops and props. Emotional expressions can also be adjusted and even posture too.