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West Somerset Railway – A Wonderful Steam Locomotive Journey [VIDEO]

For the last few days, I have been staying in Devon in the United Kingdom specifically so I could visit the West Somerset Railway. I have been extremely lucky with the gorgeous sunny weather, so with my Panasonic SD60 HD camcorder at the ready, I captured a decent amount of high definition footage and thought it would be nice to share it with you all.

Our Railway, a true country branch line of the old Great Western Railway is full of fascination whether you are looking for a nostalgic ride back in time through lovely countryside or to study the railway and industrial heritage which our line preserves. The historic steam locomotives, coaches and wagons, and the buildings of our ten unique stations linked by a twenty mile scenic journey will repay hours of exploration. The surrounding countryside is as varied as it is beautiful. The gently rolling Quantock hills and distant Exmoor, unspoilt villages and farms nestling in leafy lanes, the cliffs and coast of the Bristol Channel with views of distant South-Wales, confident Church Towers, Dunster’s imposing Castle and Minehead’s seaside charm are all waiting to be discovered.


Demonstration of Apple iPad 2 HDMI 1080p Output – Real Racing 2 HD [VIDEO]

Today I am going to show you the iPad 2 using the optional Digital AV Adapter. Priced at £35, this accessory provides a ‘mirrored’ output to your high definition television or HDMI compatible projector. This essentially means that anything you would ordinarily see on your iPad 2 screen, will be mimicked ‘exactly’ on another display. Even better is that this works with almost every app currently available, without the need to wait for an update.

This is perfect for presentations, viewing your photos, watching videos or in this case taking tablet computer games to a whole new level.

A title that takes full advantage of this new HDMI output facility is Real Racing 2 HD, that uses Full HD, also known as 1080p, to increase the resolution and indeed scope of the game.


Creating Your Own Cartoon or Comic Strip – Perfect for when Lacking Artistry Skills

Steve Ince, a friend of mine I follow on Twitter is a dab hand at creating comic and cartoon strips with a particular dose of enjoyable humour and as much as I would like to dabble in this area, my abilities to draw are quite limited. So imagine how pleased I was to find a website called ToonDoo that allows you to easily create your own comical toon-like strips to share with others for those like me who are lacking in artistry.

Here is my first attempt below after just ten minutes learning and then using the available tools on offer:


Swarm Review for Xbox 360 – Fast, Furious and Frilling… erm Thrilling

Ever wanted to take a collection (or swarm) of small blue creatures under your wing and guide them through a bunch of nightmarish challenges? Well now you can with Swarm available on Xbox Live Arcade and PSN for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation3 respectively.

Your first inclinations may be to compare Swarm to Lemmings and to a certain extent there are some similarities, however they are slight. Just like Lemmings, the destiny of these poor and quite frankly dumb creatures depends completely on your skills to navigate the horrors that await – the difference though is that rather than ordering one Lemming at a time, you are in fact commanding the entire swarm in one go. “With great power comes great responsibility” and if Spider-Man played Swarm, he would hang up his super hero costume in the wardrobe and sit down in front of an Xbox 360 for the rest of his life.


Streets of Rage Remix – Immense Free Fan Created Project Spanning 8 Years [VIDEO]

The SEGA Megadrive (Genesis) console still holds a very special place within my heart even today and one of my favourite games had to be the Streets of Rage series. It was a delightful side scrolling beat ’em up, where enemies appear from either side of the screen, from doorways and even from above. Using various attacks including punches, kicks, and a few special moves – you were required to clear each area of bad guys before being able to progress further along the level.

Streets of Rage Remix is a free fan download that precisely recreates, extends and remasters – paying homage to the original series featuring many of the same levels, characters and enemies. Over an 8 year period, various individuals have contributed so that Streets of Rage Remix lovingly recreates everything we loved about all of the games into one stunning gaming experience.

Streets of Rage Remake is a project created from scratch, it does not use reverse engineering nor a single line of code from the original games. It’s all based on visual interpretation, comparing how things work in the original games and trying to mimic it for Streets of Rage Remake.