Monster Cast #4 – I Host the Latest Console Monster Podcast

From episode 1 to 8, I hosted the Console Monster Podcast but due to lack of time and staff participation we all took a breather. Rob Rymond took over the hosting helm for a while and now we have decided to share the hosting responsibilities between us, so on this latest episode I act as host along with Rob Rymond and Marty Greenwell as guests to discuss the latest Microsoft Xbox 360 console and Sony PlayStation3 news and reviews on the renamed Monster Cast.

Topics include…

  • Red Dead Redemption trailer and the bizarre 400 points gift?
  • Achievements Versus Trophies
  • The godly platinum trophies
  • Dings, bings or bongs?
  • PS3 Firmware update 3.30 and 3.21
  • Halo Reach Editions revealed
  • Collectors editions
  • The Halo evolution
  • Halo 2 multiplayer… Ahhh the memories
  • Friends change the gameplay experience?
  • Split Second demo impressions
  • Bad demo, great retail game…
  • Sonic and SEGA All Stars Racing
  • FIFA overload?
  • Scoring a purchase
  • Our gaming recommendations