The House of the Dead: OVERKILL Announced by SEGA – Trailer Released – Developed in UK

You may remember I reviewed The House of the Dead 2&3 for the Nintendo Wii not that long ago. There were a few complaints from other reviewers that it was just a simple port and nothing special. Well today I find news from SEGA that they are developing a brand spanking new title exclusively for the Nintendo Wii named The House of the Dead: OVERKILL to be released in early 2009:

The House of the Dead: OVERKILL takes you back to when Special Agent G was fresh out of the academy. Teamed up with hard-boiled bad-ass Detective Washington, they are sent to investigate stories of mysterious disappearances in small-town Louisiana. Little do they know what blood-soaked mutant depravity awaits them in the streets and swamps of Bayou City.

The Nintendo Wii works so well for these kind of games and I have high hopes for a new title being developed in the UK. Blood lust has returned with the promise of a “new retro look, with distinctive graphics”.