Robert Ludlem’s The Bourne Conspiracy Review – Great Action, Intense Fighting, One Trick Pony

0000000846-L-17e4a3e.jpgHere is my Robert Ludlem’s The Bourne Conspiracy Review for the Microsoft Xbox 360:

It is time to kick, punch, lunge, smack, pulverise and chop your way through some of the most linear missions ever invented. For a chap who doesn’t remember anything, it is delightful you haven’t lost your ability to kick serious backside and in The Bourne Conspiracy, you can do just that with a dabble of shooting thrown in for good measure.

I am sure you don’t need to be reminded by me that movie tie-ins can be some of the worst titles to grace our gaming systems, but I am pleased to say that this romp actually raises the bar a little compared to the rest of the movie dross out there, even though there is one pretty major problem right from the off.

Review: The Bourne Conspiracy Review for Xbox 360