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Discworld Source Code Retrieved – ScummVM Developers Thrilled and Already Coding

DiscworldAfter months and months of difficulty and stress for the poor innocent ScummVM developers, success has finally arrived as the Discworld source code they have been trying to locate has landed on their lap. This is important as it will allow them to analyse the original programming and incorporate it into their own software engine.

The good news doesn’t stop there either… According to Eugene Sandulenko (_sev), one of the developers of ScummVM, the source code is in fantastic shape making the process a lot simpler, but still a lot of work no doubt. I can also report that it is currently being worked on already and as for when we will see a working version? Well it will be released when it is ready is the best answer I can give you at the moment.


My UEFA EURO 2008 Review for Xbox 360 – Stunning Football Experience

euro_0213_00x2ps3.jpgWith the celebrations of Manchester United winning last night, it seems only fitting that I release my UEFA EURO 2008 review the very next day:

Usually I would start with the usual introduction followed by the tantalising meat of the review, however today is different. I will start with simply this: UEFA EURO 2008 is the best gameplay football experience for the Xbox 360! Now I have got that off my chest, let us get into the details of this latest football offering from EA Sports.

Review: UEFA EURO 2008 Review for Xbox 360

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Yahoo! Messenger Beta for Windows Vista – Extremely Swish and Full of Promise

I have had Windows Vista since the launch and although I adore the visual interface and many of the new tweaks and enhancements, I am desperately searching for true Vista applications that take advantage of this new 3D design. It seems that the possibilities are quite immense, yet the willingness for developers to embrace it running at a snails pace.

Yahoo! however are in the fast lane as they have now released a new beta version of their messenger application exclusively for the Windows Vista operating system. This is not the first beta version, but it now features voice functionality.