Podcast #23 – SEGA Superstars Tennis Interview with Steve Lycett and Travis Ryan – HGZine Feature

In an agreement with HGZine, I have been given permission to release certain audio interviews I have recorded for the online magazine right here on my personal website as podcasts.

I interview Steve Lycett, Executive Producer and Travis Ryan Lead Designer of SEGA Superstars Tennis. Although this interview was intended for a portable handheld magazine, there is a lot of detail about the next generation versions as well.

Topics include:

  • What is SEGA Superstars Tennis
  • How did it all come about?
  • How close is SEGA Superstars Tennis to Virtua Tennis 3?
  • Control scheme
  • Characters featured and their skills
  • The Gilius Thunderhead voice! (Golden Axe)
  • Superstar abilities
  • What SEGA characters didn’t make it
  • PSP version of SEGA Superstars Tennis coming?
  • NiGHTS appearance, flying and playing tennis
  • Mini-Games details
  • Available game modes
  • Court environments
  • Musical assets
  • Using DS specific controls
  • Working on portable gaming systems compared to consoles