Podcast #22 – Graeme Boyd (AceyBongos) – Xbox Community Manager – 360Zine Feature

360Zine Issue 17In 360Zine issue #17, I interview Graeme Boyd better known as AceyBongos. He is the Community Manager of Xbox E.M.E.A. The full 45 minute audio interview is now also available right here on my website to stream or download for your listening pleasure.

In an agreement with 360Zine, I have been given permission to release certain audio interviews I have recorded for the online magazine right here on my personal website as podcasts.

Topics include:

  • What is the story behind the Gamertag AceyBongos?
  • Entering the Microsoft realm
  • Amazingly long job title!
  • Job involvement
  • GDC and other events
  • Gears of War 2, Fable 2 and XNA
  • Difficulty of having a global corporation
  • Feedback
  • Compared to Major Nelson
  • What rewards are in blogging?
  • Is the UK missing out on gaming events?
  • Troubles with Xbox Live
  • Podcasts on Marketplace?
  • AceyBongos Podcast?
  • What does Xbox Live offer over the PlayStation Network?
  • Thoughts on the Nintendo Wii?
  • HD DVD dead, what now?
  • Favourite games?
  • Midtown Madness 3 please!
  • Xbox Live Arcade favourites?
  • Gaming dabbler or achievement gatherer?

And… just in case you have forgotten, that is A.C.E.Y.B.O.N.G.O.S., as in!

Podcast Episode
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