I Interview Graeme Boyd (AceyBongos), Community Manager from Xbox in 360Zine

360Zine Issue 17In 360Zine issue #17, I interview Graeme Boyd better known as AceyBongos. He is the Community Manager of Xbox E.M.E.A. The full 45 minute audio interview is available within the magazine to stream for your listening pleasure.

360Zine is an online downloadable magazine that launched with its first issue in November 2006. The magazine is completely free and even includes video segments within some of the articles. 360Zine is available in *.pdf format so make sure you have the Adobe Reader software installed.

Graeme Boyd

  • Cat

    I listened to this the other day and it was a very good interview. I never really heard much about AceyBongos, after all Major Nelson takes most of the spotlight and this was a good insight.

    But James, Midtown Madness 3?! Out of all the games you want that one?!

  • Says the lass who loves The Simpsons Hit and Run :)…

    Well it was just great fun and I am sure many like myself would welcome a return. For the multiplayer experience anyway as the single player was a bit eeeek.

  • Cat

    Simpsons Hit and Run is a quality game. Quite obviously you have no taste! ;)

    As an aside, I didn’t have Live when I had Midtown Madness 3, so I’ll have to take your word for it being good.