My Ninja Reflex Review for the Nintendo Wii

ninjawiiscrnhashi3.jpgTime to earn the black belt and become a true ninja:

Welcome young grasshopper, you are invited to hone your mastery of Ninja’ness in the comfort of your own home. Fear not as all you need is a little wisdom and a Wii Remote to aid in your quest for enlightenment.

Alright enough of all that. The Nintendo Wii appears to be the system attracting the most gimmicks and mini-games and Ninja Reflex continues the trend with gusto. It does have one thing going for it though and that is the ninja atmosphere that is draped over every aspect. Let’s face it, it needs a strong theme to make it stand out as mini-games alone will not be enough to satisfy your yearnings for gaming entertainment.

Link: Ninja Reflex Review for the Nintendo Wii