Xfire Beta Video Capture – Record Your PC Gaming Performances

Unreal Tournament 3 VideoOn January 14th of this year, Xfire released a new version of their software that now also allows you to capture your gaming prowess and then if you wish share with others.

Xfire is a great application for tracking your PC gaming habits, creating a friends list and taking screenshots, which creates a community around your own virtual persona. This is like a mini Xbox Live and now that you can record for example Unreal Tournament 3 as I have done, the possibilities have been extended even further.

Here is a small recording I captured just now just as a test really. I had to reduce the resolution of the game to keep the frame rate constant while playing (it is quite a CPU hog even on my Quad Core processor!), however the results are quite impressive. The audio isn’t working quite right, but this is a beta version and I am sure over time, this will improve.

I love Xfire as a program. One of my many gripes about PC gaming has been the lack lustre community feel and this application goes a long way to meet my requirements in this area.

I have also had a go at recording a section of Half Life 2: Episode One… No sound recorded this time for some reason…

Also remember that YouTube heavily compresses any uploaded video, but you can trust me when I say the video quality is exceptional.

  • dexter

    umm when i finished downloading and i pressed run but then it said file not found or somthing like that….i wanna make some videos soon so plzz coment back or no send me an email