Podcast #20 – New Track and Field Interview with Toby Allen – HGZine Feature

HGZineIn an agreement with HGZine, I have been given permission to release certain audio interviews I have recorded for the online magazine right here on my personal website as podcasts.

In HGZine issue 10, I interviewed Toby Allen regarding the new Track and Field game for Nintendo DS.

Topics discussed include:

  • History behind Track and Field
  • Changes for the Nintendo DS
  • What events are included?
  • Why the Nintendo DS?
  • How long in development?
  • What challenges are involved when developing for portable systems?
  • A nice change developing for portable systems compared to the next generation consoles?
  • 3D characters?
  • Any assets from the original arcade game?
  • What characters are available?
  • Any quirky moments?
  • Multiplayer support

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