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Altec Lansing’s Orbit Portable Speaker Impressions

orbitreview.jpgSo what is the Orbit? Well it is simply a single speaker you can carry around with you that can connect to your iPod or other portable MP3 player. Usually you imagine yourself wearing little tiny headphones as you roam the landscape, but Altec Lansing believe we could also require a single portable speaker, so we can share our music with our friends.


Unreal Tournament 3 – I Feel Alive Again!

Ever since I played the original Unreal Tournament with the 3DFX graphics card on the PC, I have been in a mad love obsession with the series (if you excuse Unreal Tournament 2003, which I found a little bizarre). Although I adore my Xbox 360 console, the gamepad doesn’t really allow for the sort of fast paced action this series is used to.

Thankfully I have a new PC now, which oozes with power and smiles, however it is only since I have received the latest title in the series, Unreal Tournament 3, that I have found that spark for PC gaming yet again. I was influenced a little before, but it has taken this classic gameplay with modern graphics to tempt me back to the fold.


Podcast #17 – Glinkster – Gaming Social Bookmarking Interview with John Selogy

I interview John Selogy, one of the team members involved in the new Social Bookmarking website dedicated to gaming named Glinkster.

Topics discussed:


My ‘The Simpsons Game’ Review for Xbox 360 have just posted my review for The Simpsons Game for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console:

“Having a non-functional cartoon family consisting of yellow skin doesn’t sound like the most inspiring show to ever exist; however that same set of characters has shaped the last umpteen years of my life. Ever since the first prime time season on television, to the hit song ‘Do The Bart Man’ and now The Simpsons Movie, it is hard not to be influenced by one of the biggest and most celebrated television shows of all time.

This isn’t the first game to tie in The Simpsons in the hope of vast revenue returns, but for the first time, you can feel the love the developers, story writers and whoever else was involved to make this not just stick out from the rest, but show how it should be done while slapping previous attempts in the face.”

Link: The Simpsons Game Review


Finally… Blu-ray Has A Use – Star Trek Phaser

Just kidding don’t worry, however I thought this was quite amusing…

I found this article on Gamespot, regarding how a PlayStation 3 Blu-ray laser could be used to create a Star Trek Phaser effect:

KipKay, a site with a host of videos showing users how to do everything from improving gas mileage with acetone to quickly chilling a can of warm soda, has posted a video detailing how to use a Blu-ray laser assembly from the PlayStation 3 to create a convincing Star Trek phaser for under $100. Using a laser assembly and a toy replica phaser both purchased off eBay for a total of $75, a dremel tool, a soldering iron, and other handy tools, the video shows how a user can replace the toy’s existing light bulb with a Blu-ray diode.

Shame the Star Trek original series is out on HD DVD instead. Yes I know I am being very cheeky now!