My FIFA 08 Review for Xbox 360

In my latest review for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console, I have a gander at the latest incarnation of the FIFA series from EA Sports, which has now been posted at MSXbox-World:

Here we are again to review yet another FIFA from EA Sports, but lets quickly remember the break through last year the series achieved in spades. Finally after many years of animations dictating the control and movement of the ball, introduced was the new ball physics system, which if you forgive the terrible pun that will follow, seriously kicked the game in the balls and gave the series the required lift into stardom yet again.

It wasn’t a perfect footy title, however I could see a lot of potential in this new system. FIFA ’07 was riddled with minor annoyances, but I suppose that is to be expected with something so different and new. FIFA ’08 promises a chance to correct these issues and maybe even convince those Pro Evolution Soccer fans that FIFA deserves a flutter as well.

Link: My FIFA 08 Review for Xbox 360