Console Monster Podcast #7 – Debate Part 1

It has been a long time since the last Console Monster Podcast, however here is Part 1 of a debate that lasted over an hour, so I split it into two. Part 2 will feature in about a weeks time continuing on from where we left off…

This show features your host James Woodcock, John Boyle, Cat Fuellsak, Scott Webber and Chris Brandrick.

Part 1 of the debate covers the following:

  • Sony announce PlayTV
  • Sony PlayStation and the PSP connection
  • Mafia 2 thoughts
  • FIFA 08 – 10 player online
  • FIFA Versus Pro Evolution Soccer
  • Xbox Live Rep System
  • Bioshock – Why is it sooo impressive?
  • The Xbox 360 price drop, the verdict!
  • Did Microsoft waste their year head start in the console race?
  • Nintendo Wii success a shocker?
  • Nintendo E3 Press Conference disaster?
  • Xbox 360 three red lights nightmare
  • Xbox 360s can be fixed, but can Microsoft’s reputation?
  • Xbox 360 Halo 3 edition console
  • No price drop for Sony PlayStation 3 in Europe reaction
  • Paramount go exclusive to HD DVD
  • Video Marketplace Coming to UK, but will we use it?