My Superman Returns Review for Xbox 360

superman.jpgIt is time for yet another one of my reviews and this time for the Xbox 360 game ‘Superman Returns’, which has been posted on Having not been overly excited with my initial impressions, how did the game do in the review:

Another highly hyped film of course will always result in a possible game tie-in and something from the Superman franchise certainly isn’t going to miss this opportunity. So as you would expect, you are the hero Superman, flying from one edge of the city to the other fighting crime in spectacular super human fashion. Only Superman can save the day as over and over you fling yourself faster than a speeding bullet to the next disaster area to battle with the hideous creatures and rescue the simple folk.

As a movie licensed game, you of course will be dazzled with the music, characters, locations and backdrops associated with Superman. The collected materials are put together in a pleasant way and this can be seen with the introduction. From the very start you want to be Superman, you want to feel like Superman and more importantly you want all the attention that Superman attracts. Unfortunately actual execution of this array of desires is lost.

Link: My Superman Returns Review for Xbox 360