Podcast #14 – Jeremy Hague Skylook 2.0

skylooknew.jpgIt has been a while since I created a podcast, I do actually have one that is waiting for permission from a certain publisher, but here is something to keep you going until then…

Jeremy Hague who is responsible for the Skylook application returns (after featuring in Podcast #1) to tell us about the new version that was released recently (Skylook 2.0) and how things have changed. Skylook is very useful for myself as I use it to record the interviews through Skype which I make for my podcasts as well as including numerous features that tie in with Outlook the email client by Microsoft.

Topics include:

  • What is Skylook?
  • User requests
  • Features for podcasters
  • New features in Skylook 2.0
  • Recording using Skylook
  • Features for business users
  • Why Outlook the email client?
  • Microsoft Office 2007 compatibility
  • Using the Internet for browsing email
  • Press feedback
  • Pricing

To find out more about Skylook, make sure you visit their new website: