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Original Doom – On Xbox Live Arcade Now!

doom.pngI remember playing the original demo of Doom on my 486-DX2 66mHz computer (my first PC), which had a staggering 4mb RAM, 420mb hard drive, 1mb memory graphics card and SoundBlaster 16 value soundcard. Ahh yes those were the days indeed and it was Doom that was one of the titles that made it a very memorable experience.

For those of us who adored Doom the first time around can rejoice now that it has been released on Xbox Live Arcade. It has obviously dated over the passage of time, but still with online deathmatch and co-operative play, it is surely worth a look?


HD DVD for Xbox 360 £129.99 with King Kong

No you don’t have to rub your eyes in disbelief, this is the actual retail price for the HD DVD add on for the Microsoft Xbox 360 console. For just £129.99 or 199 Euros, you get of course the HD DVD drive, a universal remote control and for a limited time, the HD DVD movie King Kong.

Now that has to be considered a superb deal and for us Xbox 360 owners and more importantly gives us the choice to decide whether we want HD movie playback or not unlike the Sony PS3. I am sure this price of £129.99 will bring many undecided people to the HD DVD format and with over 50 titles available in the near future, makes a very nice addition to your entertainment rig.

You have to applaud Microsoft and puts yet even more pressure on the PS3 to really have a successful launch in November (although don’t forget Europe won’t get the PS3 till March at the earliest!).


Far Cry Instincts Predator – Patched and Forgotten

farcry.jpgI loved Far Cry on the original Microsoft Xbox, but the Xbox 360 version felt a very poor next generation version seeming to rely on people having never purchased the original Xbox (1) version rather than adding yet more graphical splendour (although the water does look very nice).

One major flaw that stood out to any online player was the atrocious lag in which even the voice communications were affected. You could sit in a game of just a few people and then all of a sudden the breaking up began. I find Xbox Live a social event as much as a gaming one, so this became very tiresome.

Thankfully we now have a patch, which was released a couple of weeks ago that has improved the online gameplay greatly. The only problem I am finding now is that the friends who had purchased the title originally have all now traded it in or sold it, so I am left with a now much better game with no one to share the fun with! Luckily for me the Fragdolls still have a game or two every now and then (thanks Kitt) and that provides the much needed online entertainment for the Far Cry Instincts Predator game. It was quite funny though that with the patch, many of us played a very quiet game hardly speaking at all, oh to the pressures of online gaming and the expectation of our peers.

There is definitely a lesson to be learned here and maybe it is this…

If you are going to release a next generation remake of a highly regarded Xbox (1) game, you must… MUST make sure that the faithful fans who spent hours making maps on the original are rewarded with yet another stunner of a title to follow on. Unfortunately it is sadly lacking and even with the patch is now past its prime due to the original technical issues with online play. An opportunity missed for both the developers and the gamers as this game sits almost forgotten completely now!

Call of Duty 2 almost suffered the same fate with its lag ridden online play, but with a very good patch and excellent downloadable content in the way of additional maps, it has survived.


My Uno Review – First Review at

unoreview.pngWell now I am staff at, it seemed wise to get a review up as soon as possible in addition to my article. My first review is Uno, which of course has been out for a while now, but it was a game that hadn’t been reviewed on the site before and I could really have fun with writing about it:

It is easy today to play on our modern gaming console systems and forget how we arrived at our latest entertainment diversion. Before gaming consoles, I remember enjoying board games such as that instantly recognisable business one, of course named Monopoly, detective work thanks to Cluedo (Colonel Mustard in the Library with the candlestick?) and many others that became a family event.

Card games have also played an important role, but there are many variations of this type ranging from very tactical to just good fun. In 1971, Merle Robbins developed Uno, which was set to change Xbox Live Arcade forever as it sailed onto our digital shores!

Soon 360monster will have a Podcast every couple of weeks starting fairly soon with me hosting the shows, so keep checking back for more details…

Link: Uno Review


My Yamaha Club Tuition DVD Now Complete

The DVD I have been very busy working on for the last couple of months with Glyn Madden (Editor of the Yamaha Club Magazine) is now complete and to recognise this, I have now extended the trailer to include snippets of the DVD so you can get a rough idea of what is on offer. Please note that the movie below is a very low resolution version and doesn’t reflect the quality of the actual DVD:

Presented by Glyn Madden, the DVD named Getting Started – Exploring Music Finder features:

  • Tutorial Chapter 1: Music Finder
    Replacing cryptic titles, adding records to the ‘favourites’ page, editing a record, creating new records – and much more
  • Tutorial Chapter 2: Registrations
    Creating, naming and saving registrations
  • Tutorial Chapter 3: Multipads
    Using Multipads with your performances
  • James Woodcock plays Tyros 2
    The editor of Yamaha Personal Keyboard Owner plays and provides a “how to…” commentary on a song arranged by Steve Marsden for the Yamaha Club Magazine
  • Tyros 2 Presentation
    Video presentation showing various features of the keyboard as well as an image slideshow
    Use your PC to download non-cryptic Music Finder files for various keyboards and digital pianos all on the DVD without the need for an Internet connection

More information can be found below:
Getting Started: Exploring Music Finder DVD Information