My Xbox Live Arcade Bejeweled 2 Review

bejeweled2.jpgIt was great to be accepted into Brit Xbox as a freelance reviewer this week, so I was very excited to see my Bejeweled 2 Xbox Live Arcade review for the Xbox 360 appear today:

Xbox Live Arcade ‘IS’ the Trojan horse for the Xbox 360 and I have no doubts about this. You may buy this latest console from Microsoft for the super powerful next generation graphics on games like Kameo or Perfect Dark Zero, but with a little exploration, you will find an extra now built in section in the new dazzling Xbox 360 Dashboard and that is of course Xbox Live Arcade.

Bejeweled 2 is definitely one of those games that is trying to appeal to a broader audience or the casual gamer. However that is not to say it is to be avoided or frowned upon for those of us who enjoy a good old thrashing on Halo 2.

I am working for quite a few Xbox 360 websites now, so expect to see quite a few articles of mine appearing around the Internet.

Link: My Xbox Live Arcade Bejeweled 2 Review