Windows Live Messenger Beta Updated

Today Windows Live Messenger Beta (formerly known as MSN) was updated and a lot has changed from the previous beta version. First of all the overall graphical look, now resembles more of MSN 7.5 and although this is no bad thing, it isn’t very original and the colours a little hard on the eyes.

Windows Live Messenger Beta

It is far better than the previous beta though, so can’t complain too much, but I look forward to future updates a little more now seeing how much has changed.

Anyone else have a verdict of this latest version?

James Woodcock

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    very pretty better than the old beta verison. Cant wait until the actually bring the full verison out

    hope we dont have to pay:o

  • Why where on the internet does it say you have to pay? You sure this isn’t some sort of rumour again?

    I seem to remember these exact same rumours happening before on each evolution of MSN and turning out to be false :)


    well its just forums but again im not using msn if we pay they would loose millions of people:-?

  • xDare2playx

    I also heard that after 8.0 version of msn we`ll have to pay for it,its abit mad though its been free all this time and now they decide u have to pay not alot of people will like that.Think i`ll be sticking with the lower versions because im a cheap-skate hehe…..

  • Jackie

    i installed msn live messenger but it wont let me on to it…. i clicked on the icon but nufin happened????………. please help!!! x